Don't let the internal pages of your book let you down...

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Learn how to create a professional-looking, print ready book using easy-to-use publishing software (for Windows and Mac)

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Problems Formatting Your Book?

A book not only needs to look good on the outside, it needs to look good on the inside too. The text and images need to flow in a manner that compliments the genre and mood of the book.

Are any of these statements true to you?

  • You've finished the final edit on your book. Fantastic! Now you're struggling to figure out how to format it into a printable book.
  • You've tried doing your own book layout but it hasn't worked out.
  • Your book is illustrated and the software you're using isn't coping with all the pictures.
  • You've been told that your book layout looks unprofessional.
  • You are finding it difficult to keep a constant style and amendments are taking ages!
  • You don't know how to create a print ready file.

You can realise your dreams!

Take control and learn how to format your book with our self-paced online course.


By This Time Next Year You Could…

  • Be a published author
  • Be confident to do it all again for book two!

By following our online tutorials and bringing your queries to our live support sessions, you can format your book, realise your dreams and have a professional-looking book in your hands.


Format Your Book

an online video course
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You Are Ready To Become A Published Author?

This self-paced online course, with video tutorials, handy tips and downloadable resources, will teach you everything you need to know to format and design your book, inside and out. You’ll learn how to:

  • Create a consistent style
  • Add illustrations and images
  • Produce a print-ready file
  • Design a front and back cover

By following our video tutorials you can be on your way to becoming a published author and holding a printed copy of your book in your hands.

I'm Ready To Get Started

What's Included In The Course...


Affinity Publisher by Serif 

  • Award winning professional software for Windows and Mac 
  • Smooth and intuitive application
  • Combine images, graphics and text
  • Create beautiful layouts for publication

Access Our Course For As Long You Need

With short, easy to follow video tutorials you can watch, replay and select the sections relevant to your book:

  • No time frame
  • Learn at your pace
  • Create as many books as you like

You’ll finish this course with a file ready to upload to a print on demand service or to send to a printing company.  


Twice Monthly Live Drop-in Sessions

To help you get the best from this course you will get access to our twice monthly live drop-in sessions for six months:

  • Ask for clarification
  • Bring questions specific to your book
  • Give us feedback so we know what's working well and what's not

By asking questions and giving us your feedback you can help shape and improve this course.

This Online Course Is For You If...

  • You've finished editing your book
  • You want to keep control of your book's format and design
  • You want a professional-looking book
  • You want to self-publish
  • You have Windows or Mac

We're Rachael and Nat

After working with authors for over 10 years we have met many who have tried to format their own book but become stuck or struggle to create the look they want. So we have developed this course to pass on our knowledge and expertise to help you typeset and design your book using professional software. 

We will offer tips and support to help you create a professional-looking print-ready document. 

"Wow, it looks like a book! How exciting!"

- Alice Flear

"Professional, friendly, skilled and very accommodating team."

- Lucy Wood

"[The Book Typesetters] provide highly attentive support for authors as their books makes their way into the world."

- Robert Selby

Format Your Book: An Online Video Course


You get:

  • Lifetime access
  • Affinity Publisher Software - worth £47.99
  • Twice monthly live support sessions for the first 6 months - worth £960
  • Short easy to follow videos to watch wherever and whenever
  • Learn to typeset - worth £600+ per book you create
  • Learn to create a book cover - worth £250 per book you create
  • Barcode template - worth £15 per book you create
  • Copyright page template - worth £40
  • The opportunity to tailor the course to your requirements
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